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Review: Naked Palette!

The ‘Urban Decay Naked Palette’ has to be one of the best beauty buys I have ever owned! If you’re like me and you don’t usually wear eyeshadow on a day to day basis you just like to wear it occasionally when you feel like it or if you’re going out this is the palette for you! Why? Because it’s the only palette you’ll ever need. Even if you’re an eyeshadow junkie and you can’t get enough, this palette is for you too! Why? Because it has stunning shades with a mixture of matte and shimmers. Also if you’re a fan of neutral shades, This palette is for you!!!

The palette goes from beautiful light shades like ‘Virgin’ ‘Sin’ and ‘Naked’ to sexy dark colours like ‘Darkhorse’ ‘Hustle’ and ‘Creep’. You’re guaranteed to find so many different combinations and looks with this. My palette came with a brush (which was okay, I don’t use it anymore it was too dense for my liking) and a mini ‘Primer Potion’ (I found this product okay, it did the job for a while but I still found my shadow creased. If anyone could recommend me a better primer than this but still affordable that would be great.)

I cannot express how much I love this palette and I’m sure you will too. I even convinced my mom to get one and she loves it and uses it everyday so all ages will appeal to it unlike a lot of urban decay’s products that mainly appeal to a younger audience. If you only ever buy one eyeshadow palette, buy this one!

Pencil Vs Liquid Liner

I think this debate between pencil and liquid liner will always be on-going. It is definitely a personal choice I could not say one product is better than the other but i definitely have a personal preference. I would say for me I prefer to wear liquid liner on a day-to-day basis as I think the finished look of it can look so effortless and ‘done’ without having to do much. On the other hand you can definitely create a lot more looks with a pencil, rather it be smudging to get a smokey eye or just blacking out your top and bottom water lines. 

If you are a beginner in the world of makeup and want to start experimenting with eyeliner I would recommend to start off with pencil eyeliner, something not too dark and soft or you run the risk of getting ‘racoon’ eyes and getting it all over the place! Start off with a little and build it up so you don’t lose control. Then when you have mastered the easy pencil you can move onto the liquid! I think for most people liquid liner is always difficult to apply at first. It requires a pretty steady hand to get a nice straight line. Don’t worry, if you mess up at first just wipe it off and keep trying, it will come. Practice makes perfect! 

So what colour liner do you use? I would always stick to my trusty black, you can rarely go wrong. Personally, I am not a massive fan of coloured pencils. I know a lot of people love using lot’s of colours on their eyes and I’m sure it looks great on them, just not for me. Although sometimes a nice brown can make my eyes look a lot softer in certain looks in comparison to a harsh black. I do quite want to experiment with colour though, I may try a blue or turquoise on my bottom water line soon, or do you think that will clash with my blue eyes? We can always experiment! 

So in conclusion both pencil and liquid are great products but for me I would definitely choose liquid. My recommendation for a liquid liner would be ‘Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner’ and for pencil I would recommend ‘Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl’.


Essie Nail Polishes

I hear so much hype about Essie all over the internet, apparently they are the most amazing brand on the market; however I am yet to try them. I have see all the beautiful colours they come in every time I find myself staring at their collection in boots but then I am reminded of the £7.99 price tag. *sigh*. I just don’t know if I will ever be able to love another brand other than my beloved O.P.I.

Now, I know O.P.I.’s polishes are retailing at around £11 but they are incredible! The brush is perfect for me, nice and thick to cover my whole nail in one stroke and the consistency of the product itself is fantastic, not to mention all of the beautiful colours they come in. Even the packaging lures me in that little bit more than any other brand. (but if we are basing this all on packaging, i would love to try butter london, their polish packaging looks so cool.) I think what I love about O.P.I. the most is their cute/funny names for their colours. My favourite has to be ‘teal the cows come home’ ha! Just makes their brand that little bit more original, I like that! All of these reasons make that extra £3 worth it to me.

But anyway back to Essie.. I’m not saying I will never buy an Essie nail polish purely for the price tag, I’m just saying I haven’t so far. I very much look forward to trying them and I think my first purchase will be something like ‘Peach Daiquiri’.. Nice and pink and girly for the summer! :) I shall write a review when I buy and try!